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‘Destiny’: How To Complete ‘Toland’s Legacy’ Exotic Bounty To Obtain The Bad Juju Pulse Rifle


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    Completing regular Vanguard and Crucible bounties daily and turning them all in at once with Xander , the Bounty Tracker, seems to be the best shot though. This is simply because you are increasing your chances at receiving a bounty due to the number of tries. Turning them in one at a time works just as well though, aside from increasing your trips to the tower. The Postmaster will also occasionally give out Exotic bounties.

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    This can occur when you reach a new Vanguard, Crucible, or Faction level and go to the Postmaster to collect your reward. Until then, this guy is the only one in the world has one. When the bounty is officially available in the game it will be added to the list.

    Also, you will still want to be grinding for top-tier pinnacle weapons like Recluse and Loaded Question as they will probably still be important in year 3. Farm — As far as we know, nothing is really changing with most of the currently relevant currencies in the game, that means glimmer, weapon parts, planetary materials, shards, cores, mod components.

    I believe that cores are here to stay, so continue to farm those to build up a stash. But you may not want to do what I did and masterwork armor that might be about to become irrelevant.


    For infusion, glimmer and planetary materials are going to be key, particularly after paying Calus a ton during the Juju quest. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. This is a BETA experience.

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    We print the highest quality bungie destiny gifts and merch on the internet As she works to help keep the store open, she also creates an imaginative gift for Mrs. Looking for the ideal Destiny Game Gifts? Profile picture is taken from Gravatar if you have an account. Hieracon-LR3 The multirole Hieracon is an effective generalist sniper weapon. Bring this to Asher Mir in the Rupture to increase your reputation with him. Gifts or items for purchase are offered for a limited time and may be limited in quantity. The Bounty does have a tracker so you can check your progress.