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This cluster of hilltop cottages has everything outdoorsy families need: large bedrooms, a cool pool, awesome wildlife and the chance for kids to go wild in the jungle. Tarzan eat your heart out. Location: Alacati Why book? A small romantic guesthouse tucked away in beautiful Alacati town on the Aegean coast, Tas Otel is like walking through a fairy garden.

There are just 7 antique-chic bedrooms, a pool with hammocks, a pair of gorgeous family-friendly villas for extra privacy, and an enchanting garden for lazy summer afternoons. Wish you were there? Location: Near Essaouira Why book? Peeping behind a eucalyptus grove near Essaouira, and close to surfing beaches, its 7 delightful bedrooms are wrapped around a secluded courtyard, and beautifully decorated by owner Dominique. Eat wholesome food, walk barefoot through dunes, or dream away by the pool. Location: Lippiano Why booky? This award-winning family hotel in the beautiful Umbrian countryside is a wonderland for kids and adults.

Quiet, authentic, with a carefree vibe, its 25 bedrooms draw easy-going families who come for the peaceful surroundings, the hearty Italian cooking and the boundless toys, games and activities. Little ones will have the times of their lives. Location: La Matanza Why book? There are few better places to do very little. Location: Koh Pha Ngan Why book? All-night beach parties or all-day fasting? Location: The Algarve Why book? Location: Udawalawe National Park Why book? Because sure, you could book a normal hotel.

They found peace in 15 acres of pristine wilderness dotted with banyan trees, chattering monkeys and the occasional wandering elephant.

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Oh my. By Jake Hamilton. Prev Blog Home Next. So if our budget in this case for Poland was 50 euro, we instead get a 4-star hotel room with breakfast for 45 euro, which normally costs around 70 euro. And have we booked in advance, we would have paid the same price for a two star motel. You got your special booking genius phone line for a reason!


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And this is one of the main factors, which makes me use booking again and again, instead of going through a hotel directly. Yes, when I travel I want to meet the locals and interact with them.

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But I do not want to depend on my very limited language skills and personal charm, when it comes to the comfort of my stay especially now travelling with a toddler. If something goes wrong, I really want to be able to explain what I need. So, for if for some reason you are not able to agree on something with the hotel, you pick up your phone, call the line and discuss it with the Booking.

If there is a need, they can later communicate with the hotel themselves. When we were looking for a place to stay around Lomza in Poland, I noticed that several properties had a note in their description, informing you that this place also hosts wedding and other parties and can be noisy at night. All right, well noted, so I made sure to check that we get a hotel without this note. We booked a hotel, arrived there and went to sleep like a boring old couple around 10 pm.

The disco downstairs started at 11 pm, and the ABBA songs came through the walls so clearly that we could sing along.

Luckily, our toddler slept through the night, and we only could fall asleep when the dancers got tired around 3 am. In the morning I asked the reception, if some form of reimbursement would be possible, as this was really not the way we planned to spend this night.

I was offered a 3 euro not joking!

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I called Booking, described the situation to them and asked them at the very least to add the similar note about the noise to their description of this property. Filters is one of the things I love about Booking. Sometimes I put so many of them that the results come back as:. Location: Is the specific location really important for you? This will give you a wider area and help in finding a good location which you maybe were not aware of. I discussed star policies with some hotel owners, and it seems that the number really depends on certain facilities you need to have in order to achieve them.

For example, a hotel needs to have a telephone in each room, if it wants to be a three, not two star hotel. Or it needs a minibar, if it wants to rise from three to four stars.

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The question is what do you need? Relevant during a road trip — Parking — essential for driving holidays and road trips — Free wi-fi — is available almost in all of the hotels, but check just in case. The lowest I would go on the general booking. And this would be only for the location, where or during the time when the choices of accommodation are very limited. Normally I would strive for no less than 8. Believe me, you can find hotels for different budgets with those score, so it does not means unaffordable luxury.

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For example, this hotel in Brussels was not too expensive. Once I went for the one with the score 6 by accident.

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Here it is. If you are not careful, this can really change the price of your stay.

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As usual, let me illustrate this with an example:. We were once going to Northern Italy in November. November there is better than in Lithuania, but no beach holiday.