Why deals fail and how to rescue them m&a lessons for business success

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Editorial Reviews. Review. A manual for making deals work. Sunday Times. About the Author Why Deals Fail and How to Rescue Them: M&A lessons for business success - Kindle edition by Anna Faelten, Michel Driessen, Scott Moeller. Why Deals Fail and How to Rescue Them: M&A lessons for business success by Anna Faelten () [Anna Faelten;Michel Driessen;Scott Moeller] on.

It also DOES NOT involve firing anyone, reducing hours, outsourcing or even cutting wages — operationally nothing in the business even has to change. Financial Engineering : Amazing tactics to uncover profit hidden in your business without increasing sales. This is not some text book accountancy by numbers kind of thing or a run of the mill learning… this is nitty gritty, spit and sawdust real world stuff. This is how it is done. Real businesses, real problems and how to fix them. Sound ridiculous?

Well…it works…the real question should be how to stop the rest of the staff from leaving after this happens. But wait; there is a strategy for that one too…. Vertical Integration : Strategies to transform areas of profit loss in a business into profit gains by using vertical integration. The Immortal Business : Discover how to create an invincible business structure.

Bullet-Proof Purchase Agreement : How to turn the simple age old purchase agreement into a contract more powerful than anything a lawyer could ever draft, no legal experience required. So what is the solution? Trade Secrets : Private equity companies use convertible loans which can be converted into shares at a time of your choosing because you have more control legally over the company when it owes you money… But, how to use them to guarantee that you get paid from your deals?

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  • Why Deals Fail & How to Rescue Them M&A Lessons for Business Success.
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All will be covered in the financial engineering section of the course. Forbidden Actions : Discover 3 things you must never do as a director. Most directors do at least one of these without realising they are breaking the law… Do you? Find out on day 1. Cash Is King : Discover the 3 step formula for fixing the long-term cash-flow problems in almost any business type. The techniques are unique. I am going to use 1 or 2 of the strategies right away as soon as I get back home.

Why Deals Fail and How to Rescue Them

The truth is that there is none. Being able to measure cash-flow in a business not profit is vital to keep a business healthy, but no such metric or KPI key performance indicator seems to exist. Learn how to unlock the cash hidden in your balance sheet. Would that fix a cash-starved business? Discover one simple but overlooked strategy for being able to collect debts at lighting speed. Learning from Mistakes : A wise man learns from his mistakes. A genius learns from other peoples. Learn to avoid making this mistake to create a shortcut to your first 7 figure deal.

This is an advanced strategy. Harvard business school has ways to value a business. Only a handful of these are worth using. Learn how to use these models selectively to get the best price for your business during your negotiations. Selling is Buying : Discover 7 ways to source buyers for your business not including business brokers. Selling a business is a bit like buying one in reverse so you can re-use a lot of the same tactics from buying one most importantly you can use the same due-diligence file you produced when buying the business in the first place.

How to Guarantee You Get Paid : When selling a business most deals include some kind of deferral but what is wrong with this model? It very rarely gets paid… Why? Because it implies some kind of warranty and is very hard legally to enforce. Find out in the financial engineering section of the course on day 2. The Exit — Who is your best customer? Your best customer is the person who buys your business.

Discover how to find them…they might be closer to home than you think hint: your suppliers could all be candidates. PLUS — How to spot things in a business that could be worth more than the business itself commonly overlooked.

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This has been my main take away from the course. This has been an amazing 3 days. A lot of new case studies have been added to the Harbour Club, here is a sneak peak at six new 7 figure deal strategies recently field tested and added to the course:.

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  • Why Deals Fail and How to Rescue Them : M&A lessons for business success.

There are more than 7, banks in the US… Globally many thousands more… They all have the same fundamental challenges that Jeremy will show you how to solve. IPO Exit Strategy : The two big drivers for a company valuation are scale and liquidity ability to buy and sell shares easily. Discover how to correctly structure an IPO to achieve compound growth in these two areas as quickly as possible. By using this sneaky but perfectly legal back door route to a main market listing.

Virtual Roll-Up 2. Going Global : How to do more cross-border, multi-jurisdiction deals so you are not left at the mercy of your local economy. Time to diversify and protect yourself against geopolitical risk. Jurisdiction Arbitrage : Jurisdiction arbitrage and the IPO inversion strategy… This is all about using global solutions to maximise value… — An example of one of the many deal types in this category is: 1 Finding an established UK company and 2 Acquiring businesses from emerging markets under its name.

Case studies included. Thanks Bev.

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Quick start guide. Actions to take immediately after the course to get you started on your journey. Example spreadsheet used in cash planning from the financial engineering section. Why you need businesses not for sale and where to find them. Sourcing advise from past delegates to new starters. You notice that each table includes someone who has done deals before.

You now relax after a long day of learning, do some networking, listen as the group shares their stories and experiences and contribute your own. YAWN… getting tired… You decide to call it a night. You swap contact details with some valuable connections you have been chatting too and you retire to your room for the night. You arrive for breakfast at am, your brain lights up from the first caffeine boost of the day, and you network with your fellow members.

How to make sure you always get paid deferred payments vendor finance.

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You notice a subtle craving for coffee. Just in time for a 20 minute break. You grab yourself a coffee, use the rest room, chat with fellow members about the content so far. From a legal contract perspective how do you actually buy a company? How to find buyers who will give you the best price.

Legal Hacks: How to control a company with a minority stake? Keeping it Legal: The 3 golden rules you must never breach. Insolvency Hacks: How to cover your arse when dealing with insolvency. Due-diligence Hacks: How to use it tactically to fix an insolvent business — add value and speed up a sale — importantly how to make the seller pay for it! Court approved payment plans.

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Why most fail and how to use them properly to save jobs and rescue a dying business. Tip: Although it may be tempting… try and avoid the urge to drink alcohol at this point. Tomorrow is jam packed packed with content, and you need to be sharp the next day. You wake up with your head swimming in ideas from the previous two days… You sit down for a good breakfast at am, and offer a quiet smile to the people that could not help themselves the night before and had one too many. You now prepare for the most intense part of the course… Today is the day that you will learn financial engineering… everything you have learnt up until this point has been building up to this.

Cash-Flow Hacks: 9 step structure to fix cash-flow and rescue a business from the clutches of aggressive creditors. Profit Hacks: Quick ways to boost profits in an struggling business. Value Hacks: How to think like a shareholder and add massive value to a company. Personal Guarantee Hacks: How to help a company and director that has them.