Dillons coupons policy

Dillons Coupons

Kroger has also done some of that but we saved on the closeout! Also, we get gas points for shopping at Kroger but they often are more expensive to begin with so the savings is too often mute on gas. Just keep that in mind. All businesses exist to make money. It does not pay save to put all of your eggs in one basket. Reply Way to go Kroger! They need some competition to keep them honest. They keep buying out their competitors when they come into Memphis or Trade stores with them in other markets.

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Coupon Policy. Store Management has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of ANY coupon(s). Store Management has the right to limit the quantity of. Customers who choose to participate in the digital coupon program are required to have a digital account with a valid, active Plus Shopper's Card. Dillons.

Reply Take the time to look at Kroger stock since they started these cutbacks in It has been cut in half. Good job Kroger. Just keep it up. Reply They raised the age from 55 to 60 the year I turned They eliminated it all together the year I turned I want a discount to apply to what I need to buy! Reply Amen. They are making enemies.

Reply Of course, depending on where you live, plenty of grocery stores still offer senior discounts. You can always take your business elsewhere. What you need to realize is many of the changes have been for YOU not seniors. Also SO many seniors are not app savvy and techologically challenged. You basically shut them out. Business is business…. I realize that. But good old fashioned values have been swept out the door. Reply Goodbye Kroger, hello Aldi! Reply This senior will never shop at kroger again. Hello walmart. Much better prices anyway. Reply Does Krogee offer senior discounts in Colorado?

Reply I shopped at pick n save for the senior discount although I did not use it all the time. I will now shop at Walmart and Festival because they are only lowering prices on their products. I do not like the packaging and I do not trust big food change stores to put the best ingredients in their products.

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What a shame, I am sure they got more customers when Festival dropped their discount for seniors. Do not trust kroger, they are only out for the money, not the customers. Since kroger stopped the discount we now shop at super one in Longview texas. SO goodbye kroger all these businesses care about is making more money. Reply After Kroger did away with the seniors discount it forced me to start looking to other market places and become a better shopper and find that I now spend less money because of their actions. Less money spent at Kroger and a better verity of goods found in other Discount stores.

Better health because of it.

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Most executive decisions are made by folks at the top that deal with board of directors, and how to squeeze every penny they can out of the consumer. Believe me, we will be taking our business elsewhere. Our local Kroger has Senior Tuesday every week……. Morgantown,West Virginia. Just another reason NOT to shop at Kroger. I m the widow of an Army vet who served w 20 years in the U.

Dillons Coupon Policy

We shop at multiple stores. This is an excellent way to save on groceries without spending money on a smartphone, and something that many users will enjoy. With this solution you also never have to worry about leaving your coupons at home. You can use Kroger digital coupons and paper coupons on the same purchase, but you cannot double up. If you only buy one item you cannot use a digital coupon and a paper coupon.

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If you buy multiple items, you should be able to use both as long as you meet the purchase requirements. There are some catches to using Kroger digital coupons in addition to the inability to use the same paper coupon on the same item. Consumers can only load up digital coupons on the Kroger app at any one time. It is possible to remove a coupon to make room for another, but do keep the limitation in mind.

Unlike paper coupons, Kroger digital coupons do not double. Keep this in mind when you decide which coupon you want to use. These surveys come by email to the account you used to set up the Kroger Digital Coupons. When you fill this out you can earn added Fuel Points without making any purchases. The surveys are often easy to fill out and only take a few minutes. Baseball Boy is a great time waster game because it only takes a few seconds to play one turn, so you can use it e en when you only have a minute or two to wait in line.

This is a timing game.

1. You're not part of the Kroger Plus Shopper's program

You tap to swing the bat when it is lined up in the center of the arc to get a perfect hit. Each hit earns you points that you can spend towards strength, speed, bounciness and offline earnings. I love that I can keep coming back to this game when I have a few minutes to kill and after a few turns I can increase my stats and go a little further the next time. There's a little strategy to it, but for the most part it's a great little distracting game. I have been using the Kroger android app, but recently I went to the Kroger soft pin site and there are coupons on the Kroger soft pin site that never appear on the Kroger app.

Any idea why that is? I thought that I was registered for Kroger coupons on an email that has disappeared for me. So, I am registering again on another email.

Good explanation but I need a shortcut for loading coupons to my card using the mobile app on my iPhone. What a pain. If not on the mobile app then is there an option on the desktop version? Holly c. The survey email u u talk about in u ur tutorial, is that the same thing as the one you can do from receipt? And can you use clipped coupons more than once on different shopping trips? Is there a way to view used coupons or receipts from recent shopping trips?

I am grateful for the digital coupons I receive, but for some reason, I am unable to download the Best Customer Digital Coupons onto my card, when they arrive into my email. I have tried and tried. I wish the website was more user friendly.

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Thank you. I no loner receive digital coupons.