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These fast and capable desktop computers are equipped with an Intel i5 processor and Powerful Xeon workstation with Dual Out graphics card. CPU: 3. CPU: Intel Core i5 3. We like this Custom Micro PC for it's raw power, and its ability to function not only as your office computer, but equally as well in you entertainment system for streaming Netflix or other online streaming services and light gaming with it's built in Dell Optiplex Desktop.

Keep your productivity at high levels with the Optiplex PC.

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Posted 1 day ago — Eric. There are so many rumours and different opinions, but you can Google the model numbers and find the spec sheets like I did. If you are just using your PC for gaming, keep software purchases lean and relevant. It does the little things right, like having a good design that dissipates heat well even without a fan. RoastedCanuck 3. Used 32 Times Yesterday.

Can u give more detail? If it is a white label red then it wouldn't be an ukltrastar as ultrastar are different to red? What exactly did you Google to conclude I thought there was a lot of speculation that white are red with a label on but views seem mixed? Thanks in advance. That's true, yes. All depends on the value you place on data, of course. Having once screwed up because of my own poor backup discipline, I do everything properly now and take as few chances as I can feasibly get away with. Seagate could announce a hard disk that makes the tea in the morning and I still wouldn't go near it.

Most of the failures I've had have been Seagate. Anecdotal of course, but then have a look at Backblaze stats and it's the same story. You're better off getting it from the warehouse. Up to 20 quid cheaper with box and accessories. Might just be my experience but I've had more failures with portable drives than desktop drives. Just wondered whether a desktop 4tb drive has any advantages over a portable one. The desktop seems a lot more cumbersome to me. Well, the party's cooling down Done know how I missed this, but the X1 Carbon listing also says Lenovo Warranty Till October This product has warranty and is entitled to parts, labor and on-site repair service.

Of course you can always send it back. I have bought graded dell laptops in the past and thet were all really good with only minor blemishes.

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I'll take your word for it. I'm not trying to say they're interchangeable or the same quality, just as a layman I really can't tell the difference. I'm the equivalent of a Sunday League player playing football with a professional footballer, they're gonna be pretty impressive and I could will believe it if someone told me they play for Man City rather than Tranmere Rovers. I don't plan on dropping it off a table so as long as I never do I won't have to worry about that particular difference.

I'm happy with the start up speed, could it be quicker? Yeah, probably but it starts quickly enough, roll it back a quarter turn further and it's fine. Stylus difference? Maybe but I'm not playing to a square foot room through monster speakers, I'm playing it in my bedroom through a bedroom setup, plus I don't have brilliant hearing so it all sounds the same to me. Really cant tell the difference. Theres a whole world of difference. Start up and stop torque and speed. The fact you van drop a technics sl off a table and itll still work are just a start.

Youve answered your own question ; The Technics are the best but they cost a fortune. These are great for the price and are pretty generic so more expensive ones are the same with a different name on them. Lenco do them even cheaper but missing a few things. Played 's hours, so at this price a great deal whatever your political beliefs are.

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I own on Switch too and is just as good a game on there. A go to game when you are sat there thinking what could I possibly play when you have a small amount of time to play as you can just keep going back in short bursts. Maybe the price is an indication of a new to be announced D4?

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Check out our PC picks at the low end of the desktop market. Bottom Line: The latest-gen Raspberry Pi in a smaller, cheaper form, the Pi 3. Results 1 - 24 of Lenovo V Tower Ryzen 5 Desktop PC. Lenovo ThinkCentre Mt 10SQ Intel Core i5 4GB RAM 1TB HDD Win 10 Pro Desktop PC. REFURBISHED Dell Optiplex Intel Core i5 8GB GB SSD Desktop PC.

Where would you be without your PC? In fact, PCs are an integral part of everyday life. The problem is that the pace of computer development means that owners are constantly required to update their model to run the latest software and keep their system running smoothly. This can get expensive, but by buying cleverly, you can save plenty of money on your next PC upgrade. In a sense, you can trace the history of PCs back to the first abacus, when people started storing numerical information and using tools to calculate. But the history of the modern PC dates back a couple of hundred years to the calculating machine developed by Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace in the early 19th century.

After that, computers grew in size, becoming enormous, room-sized behemoths with thousands of vacuum tubes and punch cards governing their every move. Then everything changed. In the s, transistors started to be imprinted on silicon chips, and computers began a seemingly endless shrinking process, becoming faster, more powerful and even more important to the lives of their users.

Consumers can choose between tiny notebook PCs, stripped back, ultra-cheap netbook, powerful laptops and everything in between. Some of the most important parts of any PC include:. Motherboard — The motherboard is named because it is the coordinating unit that links together all of the other parts of a PC. Why does it matter when you are buying a PC?

Motherboards are designed with specific processors in mind, so if you are building a PC yourself, be sure to buy one that matches the processor you intend to use. If you intend to add extra hardware like sound cards or graphics cards, check that your motherboard has plenty of spare PCI slots. One reason is that it establishes the look of your machine.

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More importantly, cases are built to fit different motherboard types. The same goes for gamers who are installing larger GPU cards. You may also need plenty of space for the power supply. All of these factors tend to mean that gaming cases are larger than normal desktop cases, so bear that in mind when you purchase the parts for your PC or an off the shelf model.

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Generally speaking, the more memory you have, the faster games and video streams will run though processor speeds and software configurations come into the equation as well. Hard Disk — The hard disk is where your computer stores programs, from games to videos, pictures, text files and utilities. The capacity of hard disks tends to be measured in gigabytes thousands of megabytes , with around GB standard, although you can go as high as a few terabytes TB if you need to.

The faster your computer can access information on your disk, the better. This is generally around 5,, but the fastest drives can manage 7,, which is what gamers will want to see. They tend to come with smaller capacities, but with their ultra-high speeds, they are ideal for gamers and you can store other files on external hard disks if needed as well.

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Processor — The processor of your computer is the nerve centre. It determines how quickly everything runs, and a fast processor is essential if you want to build a killer gaming PC. Check the number of cores in any processor before buying. The more cores, the better, as they make data processing much more efficient. Processor speed also matters. Most importantly, PC buyers need to decide with operating system to buy and what features will come with it. If you are just using your PC for gaming, keep software purchases lean and relevant. Game downloading services like Steam will be an essential for many gamers, as will a browser like Chrome.

If you are buying a PC, make sure a virus checker is installed as well they often come for free , while chat clients like Discord could be handy as could Skype, which allows you to talk via the web on a standard headset.

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Some of the basic categories include:. Desktop towers : Larger machines that are designed to sit vertically or horizontally on or underneath desks. However, if you need high-spec gaming performance, desktops are the only computers with the case capacity to hold the hardware you require. Gaming laptops : Gaming laptops are a different breed from conventional machines. They tend to be extra-powerful and portable so that gamers can take them to meet-ups and play wherever they wish.

They also feature souped-up processors and graphics cards, as well as the cooling fans needed to keep them working, so gaming laptops can be heavier than other models. They look similar, but gaming laptops are specialist machines, and not everyone will need what they have to offer. Standard laptops : The standard laptop has a size of between 15 and 17 inches, feature wireless capabilities and a wide range of connector ports.

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Good laptops will include USB ports to connect Hard drives , jacks for headphones , camera docking ports and ports for external controllers or keyboard. Netbooks : Much smaller than standard laptops, netbooks have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are much cheaper than high end HP , Lenovo or Microsoft laptops, more lightweight and therefore ideal for kids of travellers.

However, they usually feature slower processors, smaller hard disks and less memory, along with fewer ports. If all you need is to check Facebook or write emails, a netbook could be perfect, but they are virtually useless for modern gaming. If you are new to buying gaming PCs, it might be helpful to suggest a typical setup.

WiFi enabled Complete set of Dell OptiPlex Dual Core Windows 10 Desktop PC Computer (Renewed)

Motherboard — Go for a board with good expansion potential. Processor — Speed is vital. Go for something that offers 4.

Be realistic.